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Pan Stacker-Unstacker

Safe, Reliable Pan Stacking Solutions

A fully-electric Pan Stacker-Unstacker delivers what every bakery wants: lower operating costs and a safer working environment. The system’s breakthrough design uses electromagnetic technology and servo-motors to ensure smoother, gentler pan stacking and unstacking. It’s a system that maximizes productivity, minimizes downtime and prioritizes safety.

Rexfab’s Pan Stacker-Unstacker is the perfect recipe-driven pan stacking solution that handles up to 40 pans/minute in a compact footprint.

Retrofit our Pan Stacker-Unstacker onto your existing product line.

Pan Stacker-Unstacker Benefits
  • Significantly reduces noise levels compared to pneumatic machines 
  • Eliminates expensive compressed air 
  • Extends pan life and prevents pan damage 
  • Runs multiple sizes of bread and bun pans 
  • Designed to exceed safety and sanitation standards 
  • Compact footprint saves space and is easily retrofitted into existing production line

Pan Stacker-Unstacker Resources