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Basket Stacker & dolly loader

2-in-1 Operations with Basket Stacker & Dolly loader

The Basket Stacker with Dolly Loader is an integrated solution that combines two important operations: stacking baskets and positioning the basket stack on a dolly. The system also can stack baskets on the floor because we designed it using a basket stacker servomotor. Whether you're stacking baskets on dollies or the floor, Rexfab’s Basket Stacking and Dolly Loading system offers bakeries a reliable and compact end of line solution that stacks 16 baskets per minute.

Despite its multiple functions, we’ve designed this system to be compact. It can standalone with a minimal footprint or be integrated into a basket handling conveyor system. We also can fully automate your basket systems through feeding and distribution conveyors that automate empty basket distribution to your product line and filled basket feeds to you distribution line. 

Contact us to automate your end-of-line operations.

Why should your bakery install a Basket Stacker and Dolly Loader?
  • Automate two processes with one compact system
  • Ergonomic design minimizes operator interaction and increases safety
  • Stainless-steel panels, safety fencing and light curtains prevent unsafe access while the machine is running
  • Requires minimal maintenance for high-output bakery lines
  • Compact design integrates into new or existing production line
  • Designed to exceed sanitation standards in the baking industry

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