COVID-19 – Rexfab stays connected

During these uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic around the world and important measures taking to limit the spread of the virus by our governments, we wanted to inform our valuable bakers on how we currently address the situation.

Rexfab is supporting industrial bakeries and, by association, is designated as an essential service.  We continue offering technical support and spare parts services for your bakery operations. We are committed to your bakery.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT:   We can provide technical assistance. If you need assistance from our technical staff, please contact Stephane Maillet by email or by phone +1-819-943-0500.

SPARE PARTS:      For spare parts assistance, contact Sandra Choquette by email or by phone +1-819-446-3343.

Note that sales and design teams are still active but will operate remotely thru April 13th, per government guidelines.  Installations of new projects are postponed due to travel restrictions and lock down situations in many bakeries.

We will resume our normal operations as soon as we possibly can.  In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us if you need our assistance.  Your bakery operations have always been our priority.  In this COVID-19 pandemic, we are “all hands-on deck” supporting your critical production needs.

The Rexfab team