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Empty Basket Distribution System

Reliably Unstack 35 Baskets Per Minute

Rexfab’s Empty Basket Distribution System is designed to fit perfectly within a bakery’s existing basket system to improve efficiency by eliminating labor. The system uses servomotor technology that operates with precision and minimal maintenance. It also uses integrated safety features that provide easy access for scheduled cleanups.  

The Empty Basket Distribution System’s Basket Unstacker unstacks soiled baskets coming from your clients at a rate of 35 baskets per minute. The system’s servomotors feature a torque limiter that prevents damage to your baskets or equipment if a broken basket is accidentally released. 

The unit’s denester reorients cross-nested baskets and provides window orientation using one arm driven by a servomotor. The Denester torque limiter protects the machine in unforeseen situations. 

Want to know how reliable our Empty Basket Distribution System really is? 

Why should your bakery install an Empty Basket Distribution System?

  • Servomotor technology delivers reliability and precision with minimal maintenance
  • Continuous feed automates downstream process and reduces labor  
  • Reduces basket damage
  • Design is identical to Basket Stacker, allowing bakeries to reduce spare parts
  • Designed to exceed safety and sanitation standards 
  • Compact footprint saves space and is easily retrofitted into existing production line

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