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Inline Vacuum Depanner

Automate Depanning of Breads, Buns and Rolls

Rexfab’s Inline Vacuum Depanner (IVD) is designed to automate depanning and integrating into a bakery’s complete pan handling operations. We offer three models based on the width of the vacuum chamber: 24, 36 and 42 inches. Our IVD improves sanitation, reduces power consumption and operates at low-decibel volumes compared to similar systems. The IVD can be optimized and automated further with the following options:

  • Infeed metering conveyor
  • Delidder with variable-speed motor
  • Remote cyclone separator (for products with toppings)
  • Hood connected to remote cyclone over air jets when using Puratos-type toppings
  • Combo machine design for production of both breads and buns/rolls
  • Lid, pan and product conveyors

The unit also collects data at the source on downtime, waste and production rates, allowing bakeries to analyze areas to improve efficiency and profitability. 

Rexfab’s IVD is compact and can fit onto your existing line, replacing a less efficient unit. 

We’d love to tell you more about our Inline Vacuum Depanner.

Why should your bakery install an Inline Vacuum Depanner?
  • Fully menu-driven, preventing operators from making multiple manual adjustments. 
  • Minimizes the ambient noise level below 85 decibels. 
  • Energy savings due to proprietary propeller design combined with a Vacuum Feed Depanner for the blower. 
  • User-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows operators to select a recipe with no further manual adjustments. 
  • A stand-alone unit with its own control panel, so bakeries can easily integrate it into existing production lines.
  • Exceptional sanitation with stainless steel construction and maximized angled surfaces to reduce buildup. 

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