Launch of Rexfab’s Partnership With The Women’s Bakery

Rexfab: Family first

Since the beginning, Pierre Meunier and Michel Auger have been committed to making a difference around them. At Rexfab, the “family spirit” has always been at the very heart of our work. We value our clients, our partners and our team.

Of course, that means it’s natural for us to help others on a larger scale. That’s why Rexfab approached The Women’s Bakery to forge a lasting partnership—we connected with their core values and social objectives. Rexfab is fully committed to supporting The Women’s Bakery in making a difference.

About The Women’s Bakery

From The Women’s Bakery website: “According to UNESCO, an estimated 130 million girls between the ages of 6 and 17 are not currently attending school, and 15 million girls of primary-school age will never enter a classroom at all. […] According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), $95 billion a year is estimated to be lost from economies in sub-Saharan Africa because women have lower participation in the paid labour force. This creates a lack of access to basic necessities like nutrition, shelter, and health care.” Furthermore, there is a direct correlation between under-educated and underemployed adults and undernourished children.

The Women’s Bakery is a social enterprise, based on a loaf of bread. They give access to employment for women in East Africa by providing education, economic opportunities and meals, all through the simple act of baking bread. By baking bread every day and selling it, the women have access to not only a salary, but an education on running a business and developing customer relations. Giving women possibilities is what The Women’s Bakery is all about.

About the Women's Bakery

Giving opportunities to women creates stronger communities and provides an education to women in need. By giving resources to women, you create a ripple effect. Women will help their own families by providing food on a daily basis and bringing home a steady income. Women are also at the very core of the local community, connecting and helping other families, bringing everyone together.

Rexfab’s contribution

Rexfab is proud to provide financial support to The Women’s Bakery and their amazing work in Rwanda and Uganda.

It’s also important for Rexfab to help The Women’s Bakery through the expertise we’ve built over the years. That’s why we offer them technical and process support for their bakeries. Our marketing and communications team also communicates regularly with The Women’s Bakery to help them grow their sales.

Rexfab is proud to support such an initiative and to work with an amazing group of dedicated and focused individuals. We invite you to do the same by donating to this initiative.

You can follow Rexfab’s journey with The Women’s Bakery and learn more about our partnership in the coming months on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.