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Pan inverter cleaner

Automate pan cleaner

Our Pan Inverter-Cleaner (PIC) automates the removal of debris, such as sesame seeds and crumbs, from bread and bun pans before recirculation or storage. The PIC’s unique design cleans pans open side down, eliminating the need for a pre-stacking line and pan turner. This alone could save bakeries $40,000 in additional equipment costs. The inverted pan setup also reduces the risk of cross contamination, which could cause millions of dollars in reputation damage due to recalls. 

Our PIC operates by first brushing pan edges with our specially designed brush. Pans are then inverted upside down, dropping loaves of bread and loose toppings into pans. A powerful sweeper then cleans the pan cavities and collects all residues in a bin. The innovative system uses gravity to collect all leftover toppings in a removable bin, leaving your pans clean for the next production round. 

Our Pan Inverter-Cleaner actually performs three functions. Contact us and we’ll tell you all three.

Pan Inverter-Cleaner Benefits
  • The system handles 25 cycles per minute
    for 39'' pans, or 19 cycles  per minute for
    67'' pans.
  • Fully menu-driven, preventing operators from making multiple manual adjustments. 
  • Quick-release mechanism allows brushes to be changed in mere minutes.
  • Sanitary design reduces buildup and collects debris in removable bins.
  • Production changeover is centralized and takes just seconds
  • Stand-alone unit with its own control panel, easily integrating into an existing production line.

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