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Pan Cooling

An Efficient Process for Automating Pan Cooling

Rexfab’s pan cooling solutions are designed to address commercial bakeries’ cooling needs. Our Edge Pan Cooler offers complete pan cooling in up to 25 minutes, ensuring optimal pan temperature before pans are returned to make up. The system is designed for more uniform and repeatable proofing and baking, and offers a substantial advantage to any sized bakery. The compact design of this unit reduces most bakery’s existing pan cooling operations, giving them more floor space to grow. 

A pan cooling system that fits into a compact space. We can’t wait to tell you how small.

Pan Cooling Benefits
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Easily integrates into existing production lines 
  • Gentle handling of pans ensures they are not damaged
  • Bread and bun pan cooler options available
  • Automate further with Edge Pan Return Cooler
  • Vertical Pan Cooler also available

Pan Cooling Resources