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SR Pack Basket Loader

A Versatile System Handling Baskets and Boxes

Rexfab has partnered with SR Pack to deliver North American bakeries and food processors a technologically-advanced basket loader system that handles vertical/horizontal box loading, and basket and tray loading with compressed patterns. This unique solution does not lift your products while loading baskets/boxes, which prevents products from shifting inside their bags.

The SR Pack Basket Loader accomplishes gentle product handling by using a top temper combined with side plates and fixes to positively control products during pattern forming and loading. The system also slightly compresses product patterns to maximize your output and reduce shipping costs.

Installing an SR Pack Basket Loader enhances the flexibility of your bakery. Bakery operators can easily switch between packaging patterns and baskets and boxes through a menu-driven control panel. And, the following options multiply your packaging combinations:

  • Check weighing of boxes
  • Height check
  • Cardboard intermediate layer insertion
  • Basket turning

Ready to install a system that handles both baskets and boxes? You know what to do.

Why should your bakery install an SR Pack Loader?
  • Combine basket and box loading with the same machine
  • Maintain package integrity using no product lifting technology
  • Built for high-speed operation and performance
  • No operator required—achieve true automation
  • Compact design integrates into new or existing production line
  • Reduce shipping costs through compressed product patterns

SR Pack Loader Resources