The missing link in your bakery solutions!

As you know, Rexfab provides reliable and integrated automated solutions for the baking industry. Now, we are pushing our expertise one step further: we have bridged the gap in the bakery supply chain.

Starting with a prototype developed three years ago, we designed a new
pan stacker and unstacker and are now officially launching it at IBIE 2019 in Las Vegas! This new unique technology is an industry first and is built specifically to optimize bakery operations. Bakery plants use multiple sets of pans. Operating activities require them to be replaced all the time. The current technology damages pans, significantly raising the bakery’s operating costs due to pan replacement expenses. Rexfab has focused its R & D to create an innovative solution for smoother application with its servo-driven electromagnetic
technology to avoid pan damage.

This pan stacker and unstacker is decidedly the missing link in pan return systems in industrial bakery solutions. Providing tangible results, a high-quality, more reliable pan stacker and unstacker completes the pan return systems, providing greater efficiency and lowering operating costs.
Rexfab offers equipment and solutions created to facilitate and optimize your bakery activities from depanning, pan cleaning, stacking and unstacking, to pan cooling. We strive to offer a completely reliable system for our clients every time.

We’ve prepared a video explaining how Rexfab works to make your operations more productive. Watch it here:

Don’t miss the second video detailing how we designed this new solution.


The technology behind the solution

What makes our pan stacker and unstacker so different? The technology behind its efficiency. Our pioneering automated pan stacking solution is a servo-driven electromagnetic technology bringing you pan stacking equipment like no other. Working with your specific requirements, we adjust the course and magnet for any pan on the market. This “smart” technology is meticulously designed to avoid pan damage, limit pan jams and downtime, reducing costs while also providing a quieter working environment.

Furthermore, our pan stacker and unstacker uses the same footprint as other machines on the market, facilitating retrofits into existing production lines. In addition, this fully electrical equipment doesn’t require compressed air at all, reducing your operating costs even more.
Also, our dual-zone safety enclosure is another feature that simplifies and makes your plant safer because it allows the operator to enter the first enclosure to remove the pan trucks without stopping the production line for smooth, uninterrupted operations! The second zone is designed to stop if there is any sign of danger.

The pan stacker and unstacker is also equipped with removable panels on each side, allowing easy storage since it can stack and unstack pans right-side-up or upside-down. Designed with no dead space to collect dust, it is very easy to clean.

The Rexfab pledge is simple:

• Quality
• Reliability
• Sanitary design
• Operator-friendly

Characteristics specifically intended to make your bakery operations more reliable and profitable!

Now that you have all this information, you probably cannot wait to connect with us at IBIE 2019 in Las Vegas. You can see our bakery solutions at booth 7561 throughout the convention. It will be a pleasure to meet with you, explain and show you our solutions, and maybe even kick back and have a beer with you at one of our Tap events on September 8, 9 & 10 from 3:00 p.m. to 5 p.m.

All you have to do is stop by the booth at any time during the show and pick up a sticker to enjoy a free drink with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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